BrainPlay is a game portal developed and managed by GameGurus. Brainplay administration collects email addresses, names, and birthdates as a way of verifying users and re-issuing passwords.

Players' activities in BrainPlay are being studied by EdGE, The Educational Gaming Environments group at TERC (a non-profit education firm in Cambridge, MA) under grants from the National Science Foundation (US) (NSF/DRK12/#1119144 and NSF/TSL/#1134914).

Researchers at EdGE are studying how scientific activities in games can support learning. You don't have to be part of the study but if you choose not to, you won't be able to enter the website.

As part of the study, we will be collecting all digital activity that takes place on the website. We will be looking at the IP addresses from which people register. All of these data will remain entirely anonymous to the researchers.

If you agree to be part of the study by logging into BrainPlay:

  • All of your interactions with BrainPlay and the associated games will be digitally recorded.
  • You may stop using the website and thus stop being recorded at any time.
  • No identifying information will be stored with the click data.
  • Some participants of BrainPlay may be asked to take part in surveys. You can always choose whether or not to be part of these surveys.
  • All research data will be stored as digital files and will be password protected. They will contain no identifying information. Only EdGE researchers will have access to the files. Data will be kept for three years following the end of the study and then destroyed.
  • The results of the research will be published in academic journals, presented at conferences, posted on websites, and used to inform the future development of EdGE games.
  • Your participation in this research study does not add to your risk of being in an online environment. The results of the research will help us build better places for learning in social games.

Dr. Jodi Asbell-Clarke, a researcher at TERC, is leading this study. If you have questions you may contact her at If you have concerns about the research and want to talk to someone who is not on the project, you may contact Carla McAuliffe of TERC's Oversight Board for Human Participants in Research (IRB) at, 617-873-9600.



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If you are not involved in the 2013-15 Leveling Up Implementation Study, but are a high school science teacher and want to join please see If you are not a teacher eligible for the study, come back in Spring 2015 when we go public! Thank you!

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